Rugal the king of fighters – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Rugal Bernstein is a fictional character in the popular fighting game series “The King of Fighters” (KOF), which is developed by SNK. He is a recurring antagonist in the series and is known for being one of the most formidable and iconic bosses in fighting game history.

Rugal first appeared as the final boss in “The King of Fighters ’94,” where he served as the host of the tournament and challenged the winning team. Rugal is a wealthy and powerful arms dealer who possesses incredible strength, speed, and a variety of special techniques. One of his most distinctive features is his cybernetic eye, which grants him enhanced vision and combat abilities.

After his defeat in ’94, Rugal returned in subsequent KOF titles, each time with new enhancements or transformations that made him even more challenging for players to defeat. He is often associated with the Orochi power, a mystical and destructive force within the KOF universe.

Rugal Bernstein has become an iconic character in the fighting game community, known for his imposing presence, unique fighting style, and memorable design. His appearances in various KOF titles have left a lasting impact on the series’ lore and the memories of players who have faced the challenge of defeating him.