Red Hot Riding Hood and McWolf – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

“Red Hot Riding Hood” is a classic animated short film produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) and released in 1943. It is part of Tex Avery’s series of cartoons known for their irreverent humor and exaggerated animation style. “Red Hot Riding Hood” is a comedic take on the traditional Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale.

In this version:

1. **Red Hot Riding Hood:**
– Red is portrayed as a glamorous and seductive woman, breaking away from the traditional innocent depiction of Little Red Riding Hood. She becomes the object of desire for the character Wolfie, who is tired of the usual fairy tale routine.

2. **Wolfie (McWolf):**
– The wolf character, often referred to as Wolfie, is a suave and sophisticated wolf who becomes infatuated with Red. In some adaptations and later appearances, the character is known as McWolf. He is characterized by his persistent pursuit of Red, despite her changing roles and the attempts to modernize the classic story.

3. **Changing Roles:**
– “Red Hot Riding Hood” is known for its metafictional elements, where the characters rebel against the traditional fairy tale narrative. Red becomes aware of being part of a predictable story and expresses her desire for a change.

4. **Audience Reactions:**
– One of the distinctive features of the cartoon is the inclusion of a live-action audience reacting to the animated characters. This adds a layer of humor as the characters interact with their “real-world” audience.

The cartoon is recognized for its innovative and comedic storytelling, as well as its impact on animation. It introduced a more contemporary and adult-oriented approach to animated shorts during its time.

It’s worth noting that the characters, Red and McWolf (or Wolfie), have appeared in various adaptations and parodies over the years, with different interpretations and styles, often emphasizing the humorous and satirical aspects of the original cartoon.