Mystery Photoshop Effect

Venerating the dramatic and breathtaking suspense in horror/thriller movies, I took a shot at capturing the same emotional energy in a static form by creating this mysterious layer style for Photoshop. Embark on making obscure and hazy graphics from any ordinary image!

Silent movies, spooky video games, artistic photoshoots in the fog — what are your associations with the effect of a mysterious blur? Aside from the common ideas, connected with something dark and ominous, blur can have quite a positive, romantic and even cheerful mood. You’ll see it yourself how the image perception changes with 43 different duotone options this layer style has prepared. Besides, you can dim the particular areas of the graphics by using a versatile blur gallery: go all misty or just slightly vague. Experiment with photos to reach that exclusive mysterious effect for your projects!

The pack features

high-quality Photoshop layer style;
43 duotone options;
versatile blur gallery;
4500×3000 px, 300 dpi;
help file.


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