Milia Rage — Guilty Gear — 3D print model STL

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Milia Rage is a fictional character in the fighting game series «Guilty Gear,» created by Arc System Works. «Guilty Gear» is known for its unique characters, intricate plotlines, and fast-paced gameplay.

Here are key details about Milia Rage:

1. **Character Background:**
— Milia Rage is one of the playable characters in the «Guilty Gear» series. She made her first appearance in the original «Guilty Gear» game, released in 1998.

2. **Appearance and Style:**
— Milia is known for her distinctive appearance, which includes long, flowing hair and a red hairband. She is often seen wearing a revealing outfit that complements her agile and acrobatic fighting style.

3. **Fighting Style:**
— Milia is a skilled and agile fighter who specializes in close-quarters combat. Her fighting style revolves around fast and unpredictable movements, making her a challenging opponent for players who enjoy quick and evasive characters.

4. **Weapon:**
— Milia fights using her hair as a weapon. Her hair is prehensile and can be used for both offense and defense. She can control it with precision, turning it into blades or using it to entangle and control her opponents.

5. **Storyline:**
— In the «Guilty Gear» series, Milia has her own storyline and motivations. Without delving into spoilers, the overarching narrative of «Guilty Gear» involves a complex and unique world where humans and bioengineered creatures known as «Gears» coexist.

6. **Guilty Gear Strive:**
— Milia Rage appears in various installments of the «Guilty Gear» series, including the latest release as of my last knowledge update in 2022, «Guilty Gear Strive.» In «Strive,» the characters are redesigned, and the game features updated visuals and mechanics.

7. **Cultural Impact:**
— Milia Rage is a fan-favorite character among «Guilty Gear» enthusiasts, appreciated for her design, fighting style, and role in the game’s lore.

The «Guilty Gear» series has evolved over the years, and Milia Rage remains a prominent and iconic character within its roster. Players enjoy her unique playstyle and the depth of the «Guilty Gear» universe.