Garada K7 – 3D print model STL

3D Print File Format: STL

Garada K7 is a fictional giant robot or mecha from the anime and manga series “Mazinger Z,” created by Go Nagai. “Mazinger Z” is a pioneering and influential mecha anime series that debuted in the early 1970s. Garada K7 is one of the mechanical monsters, known as “Mechanical Beasts” or “Mecha Beasts,” created by the main antagonist, Dr. Hell.

Key features of Garada K7 include:

1. **Mechanical Beast:**
– Garada K7 is part of Dr. Hell’s army of giant robots, each designed to combat and destroy the protagonist’s giant robot, Mazinger Z. These Mechanical Beasts serve as formidable adversaries for Mazinger Z and its pilot, Koji Kabuto.

2. **Design:**
– Garada K7 has a distinct design with two scythe-like arms, which are its primary weapons. The scythe arms can be used for slashing attacks against Mazinger Z. The robot has a menacing appearance with its sharp features and dark color scheme.

3. **Pilots:**
– The Mechanical Beasts in “Mazinger Z” are typically piloted by Dr. Hell’s minions, who are responsible for unleashing these giant robots to wreak havoc and carry out their evil plans.

4. **Role in the Series:**
– Garada K7 and other Mechanical Beasts serve as recurring antagonists in the ongoing battle between Mazinger Z and Dr. Hell’s forces. The battles between Mazinger Z and the Mechanical Beasts form a central aspect of the series’ action and drama.

“Mazinger Z” has had a significant impact on the mecha genre and has influenced numerous anime and manga series that followed. Garada K7, as one of the iconic Mechanical Beasts, remains a notable part of the series’ legacy.