BLACK RACER – DC Comics – 3D print model STL

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The Black Racer is a character in DC Comics, and it is often associated with the New Gods, a group of characters created by Jack Kirby. The Black Racer is a representation of death in the DC Universe. Here are key details about the character:

1. **Nature and Concept:**
– The Black Racer is not a traditional superhero or villain. Instead, it embodies the concept of death in the DC Universe. It serves as a cosmic entity that carries out the act of death when a character’s time has come.

2. **Origin:**
– The Black Racer is associated with the New Gods mythology, created by Jack Kirby. It is often depicted as a being on skis, gliding across the surface of space to claim the souls of those whose time has come.

3. **Hosts:**
– The Black Racer is often portrayed as being linked to a mortal host. In some stories, the host is a character who becomes the physical embodiment of the Black Racer when death is near. The identity of the host can vary in different story arcs.

4. **Connection to New Gods:**
– The New Gods, created by Jack Kirby, are powerful and god-like beings who inhabit two planets: New Genesis and Apokolips. The Black Racer is an integral part of the cosmic mythology surrounding these characters.

5. **Appearances:**
– The Black Racer has appeared in various comic storylines featuring the New Gods and has been a part of major crossover events within the DC Universe.

6. **Symbolism:**
– As a representation of death, the Black Racer embodies the inevitable and inescapable nature of mortality. Its appearance often signals a significant event or turning point in a character’s storyline.

7. **Adaptations:**
– The Black Racer has appeared in animated adaptations, including in the animated series “Justice League Unlimited.” It has also been referenced in various DC Comics-related media.

It’s important to note that comic book characters, especially those from the realm of cosmic entities, can have complex and evolving mythologies. Different writers and artists may interpret and portray the character in various ways over the years.