Akane Bunny – 3D print model STL

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Akane Bunny is a character from the anime series “SSSS.Gridman,” which is part of the larger “Gridman Universe.” The series, produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Studio Trigger, is known for its combination of the “kaiju” (giant monster) and mecha genres. Akane Shinjo, also known as Akane Bunny, is a central character in the series.

Key details about Akane Bunny (Akane Shinjo) include:

1. **Appearance:** Akane Bunny is depicted as a young girl with long, light brown hair and blue eyes. She typically wears a school uniform and a bunny-shaped hoodie, which is where her nickname “Akane Bunny” comes from.

2. **Personality:** Akane Bunny initially appears as a shy and reserved girl. She is known for her reclusive nature and for her love of creating and designing kaiju monsters on her computer.

3. **Kaiju Creator:** One of the central themes of “SSSS.Gridman” is the existence of kaiju in a digital world created by Akane Bunny. She designs and brings these monsters to life to cause destruction in the city.

4. **Relationship with Gridman:** Akane Bunny’s creations, the kaiju, are often pitted against Gridman, the series’ heroic mecha character. The conflict between her and Gridman forms a significant part of the series’ narrative.

5. **Character Development:** As the series progresses, Akane Bunny’s character undergoes development, and her motivations and personality are explored in more depth. Her role in the story becomes increasingly complex.

“SSSS.Gridman” is known for its mix of action, science fiction, and character-driven storytelling. Akane Bunny’s character is a crucial element of the series, and her interactions with Gridman and the kaiju she creates are central to the unfolding plot.